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Writing a will doesn’t lead to death! Instead, it will bring peace of mind to know that you’ll be taking care of loved ones. A will allows you to determine who to leave any property to, thereby avoiding any problems and complications related to inheritance.

In the absence of a will, the law will determine who your property goes to, and in which proportions. Don’t let the law select your heirs!

Do you think you are too young to make a will? There isn’t an age or “right time” to go through the process. An accident can happen out of the blue. An illness can surprise you at any time in your life. By drawing up a notarized will, you can sleep in peace knowing that your property will be passed on to your loved ones without any complications.

Droit de la personne Brossard


A power of attorney that is signed in the presence of a notary can help avoid a long and costly process should another person become responsible for your care. This documentation also prevents someone you have not chosen (ie. a public trustee) from making decisions for you, if you become unable to make them for yourself.

As a legal advisor, your notary can draft a power of attorney and will be able to answer all of your questions. This type of personalized service will help you make the necessary modifications to properly reflect your needs and family situation.



The liquidator (formerly the "executor") is the person who is responsible for settling an estate. In principle, the liquidator is named in the will of the deceased. If there isn’t a will or if the will doesn’t identify an individual, the decision to appoint someone falls to the heirs. If several liquidators are appointed, they must make all decisions together.

A notary can be appointed liquidator, in a will or by the heirs.

If you are a liquidator, the notary will provide information about the extent of your responsibilities and provide advice regarding the steps for settling the estate.

Droit de la personne Brossard
Droit de la personne Longueuil


The liquidator manages the goods, money and debts of the deceased. They must take the necessary steps to :

  • Identify and notify heirs
  • Respect the will of the deceased
  • Comply with all formalities required by law (ie. publication of notices, respecting deadlines, proper management)
  • Close the bank accounts of the deceased and open one in the name of the estate
  • Cancel the deceased's subscriptions (ie. telephone, Internet, electricity)
  • Protect the money and property of the deceased
  • Make an inventory of the property and debts of the deceased
  • Recover any money owed to the deceased or the estate
  • Pay the debts of the deceased (ie. taxes and specific bequests) and other expenses related to the death (ie. funeral expenses and death certificate fees)
  • Issue the heirs any inheritance


Marriage and civil unions

Until recently, only religious leaders or superior court clerks could perform marriages. Following an amendment to the Civil Code of Québec, the Québec government extended the ability to notaries. Choosing a notary to perform a civil union or marriage can be a wise choice, especially when a couple wants to know about the legal ramifications of such a commitment, as well as about the options in terms of marriage or civil union contracts.

Droit de la personne Brossard
Droit de la personne Longueuil

Why choose a notary to perform your union ?

A notary can come on site to perform a ceremony at the location of your choice. A notary can step in regardless of religion, culture or nationality.


As civic rights specialists, we can provide advice regarding any transactions and activities, including possible and definite consequences. We can step in for matters of marriage, adoption, etc., and can also handle various types of negotiations. Our team drafts all kinds of contracts to address different legal needs. Furthermore, we operate with full discretion, always demonstrating commitment and honesty.


After a death, succession must be handled. Our goal is to facilitate the process, to avoid disputes between heirs, and to offer effective solutions regarding the division of assets. Our responsiveness and sense of organization set us apart from the competition! We fully analyze your file to determine the appropriate strategy to take. Even if your case is complex, our commitment to ethics guarantees a favorable outcome.